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We are glad to meet you at Best-writemypapers.org, an online writing service that strives to make education accessible for busy people. We do this by creating 100% original dissertations and thesis proposals and providing time-tested practical tips to the eager learners. Let’s take a close look at dissertation proposal writing together!

A dissertation proposal as a way out of a loop

Every research starts from some gap of knowledge, something that bothers you in the things already known about your subject. And quite often, this problematic aspect cannot be clearly formulated at once: your mind is wandering through different known facts and research methodologies, moving from a question to an answer and to one more question.

This is quite a normal process. At some stage of reading and asking questions, you will come up with the ultimate questions where the ends meet. Your dissertation proposal needs to cover precisely this information gap and several questions that describe it.

Things to remember when writing a dissertation proposal

So, you’ve found your way out of the loop and formulated what’s your study all about. To compose a good dissertation proposal, keep in mind the following:

  • Dissertation proposals usually consist of an introduction, a problem statement, definition of terms, a literature review, methodology and conceptual framework sections, a reference list, a summary, and appendices (if necessary). An introduction places your study in the context of similar and/or broader studies. A conceptual framework section presents some specific details of your approach. Methodology is your way to achieving your goals through specific data collection and analysis techniques.
  • Credibility/transferability, validity, and reliability. Your research is credible/transferable when its outcomes can be applied to some other research groups/subjects and/or fields of study. It is valid when you assume reasonable things (that is, your problem statement makes sense in a given context). Finally, it is credible when your method really helps you achieve the desired results.
  • Reliable sources. Our writers recommend using articles from peer-reviewed journals and research publications of the university-based publishers. Sometimes, this is critical in writing a dissertation proposal if you want it to be accepted.
  • Justified conditions of the research. When your research is conducted in dangerous conditions or you deal with human subjects (particularly special populations like kids, the homeless, etc.), you have to justify your choice of the data collection technique in the proposal.

Dissertation proposal help is here at hand

No matter how difficult the task is, our professional writers are more than ready to write or edit your proposal or some of its contents for you. Being well-versed with different subjects and academic styles, they take every task as a serious yet entertaining challenge and maintain a customer-friendly, excellence-driven approach throughout the entire process of dissertation proposal writing. Welcome to rely on the knowledge of Best-dissertations’ experts!



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