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Balance: The Nature of Life

Chitragupta, Executive Assistant to Yama, wanted a sabbatical. But then, Time, which only moves forward, would not permit such an eventuality without an immediate replacement. So, Yama and Chitragupta cut a deal: Hire someone, train the person, hand over duties to that person, monitor progress, and, course correct, and then Chitragupta can have his sabbatical.

TAP: A tunnel vision into the future of Corporate Training

TAP is a FREE platform for Corporate Trainers and Coaches brought to you by Ordertrainings. Driven by an AI engine, the TAP platform understands the different dimensions of Corporate Training and Management and helps you grow to become the top rated specialist in your niche, thereby creating a brand that the corporate clients can’t overlook.

Evolution: Gender Bias in Corporate Leadership

Stereotypically regarded as ‘feminine’, the qualities to connect, collaborate, empathize and communicate are the most sought-after skills required in any progressive leader in today’s world – Who better to possess them than Women themselves! Mckinsey’s recent findings further cements this as it states: companies with greater gender or racial/ethnic diversity are more likely to have