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The Missing Link between Leadership Development and Organizational Success

As we foray into uncharted spaces, automation, fast paced technology and space sojourns, are we archaic in our thoughts around Leadership development? We continue to adopt classrooms, conventional thought processes in learning and believe we can shape future leadership with only skill development. We are networked, period. Virtual is real, period. Given this combination, would

The Essence of Strategic Acumen

Strategy to a business is like thinking for a human. One can survive without thinking, but for only as long as the luck favors. Strategy (read, a plan of action) is required for the very fact that when one fails it is important to discern the source as either wrong approach or lack of efforts.

A Neglected Garden

It was the wonderful garden that was the decider. Avatar bought the house because of all those beautiful flowers: 3 varieties of marigold (the large yellow ones, the red ones, the small yellow and red ones), 5 varieties of rose, 2 varieties of jasmine, myriad other flowers. There was a vegetable patch too: ladies finger,